About us

We’re a cozy clinic that offers premium healthcare services to our clients. We’re composed of qualified health professionals that work collaboratively to improve each of our client’s physical health and experience. We also collaborate with a network of allied health care specialists in the fields of nutrition, psychology, nursing, acupuncture and more.

Our mission

At Nuvo Physio, we promote positive health practices that foster wellness by providing an array of manual therapies and specialized approaches to fitness, while empowering our community with evidence based health information through the latest trends and technology.

Our team

Jennifer Nwankwo

Physiotherapist/Massage Therapist

MSc, pht, PFS, Massothérapeute Agréée

Chaya Notik


MSc, pht

Ben Cauchon

Fitness Trainer

BSc, PhysEd

Darryl Nwankwo

Clinic Manager

GDipHealthMgt, BN,RN

Kayla McKenzie

Administrative Assistant

Alexa S. Pariseau

Administrative Assistant